Life Coaching

What it is (and is not):

  • “Coaches help clients connect with the innate knowledge of the life that is best for them, and then support them in creating that life.” – Martha Beck (my teacher!)
  • Coaching is completely confidential except in the unlikely event that it is countermanded by law.
  • Coaching is not mental health therapy. Coach is to therapist as physical therapist is to doctor. You can work with a coach and a therapist concurrently.
  • Coaching is not advice-giving. YOU are the expert on you and your life!

How does it work?

  • Each session, you tell me what you’d like to work on—a specific, overarching goal or just something that could be better in your life—and I help you develop a plan to make some movement in this area.
  • To do that, I listen and then ask powerful questions to give you clarity on what you really want and what’s getting in the way.
  • Along the way, I help you access your inner wisdom through creative thought tools, mindfulness practices, checking in with the body, and other inquiry techniques.
  • I assist you in discovering new perspectives and releasing outdated ways of thinking that are causing suffering and hindering joy.
  • You leave each session with one or more action steps to make real change in your life.
  • I support and encourage you as you bravely do the work of coming home to yourself and finding your way forward with more freedom and ease!
  • I coach over Microsoft Teams or on the phone.

How often do we meet?

  • This is entirely up to you. Meeting every week or every 2 weeks may be helpful to maintain progress.

How can you make the most of a session?

  • Be in a quiet, comfortable place where you can focus and have internet/phone access.
  • Bring some writing materials for making notes of insights and action plans.

Fee schedule:

  • 1-hour session – $75
  • Package of 4 sessions – $290 (must be used with 6 months of purchase).
  • Sliding scale available.

Have more questions?

  • Email me at to schedule a 30-minute free discovery call. I look forward to speaking with you!