Mindful stitching—otherwise known as slow stitching—is hand stitching done in a meditative way. I’ll admit that I sometimes listen to stories or talks while I stitch, so these are not entirely mindful, but the act of weaving the needle through the layers, and gently guiding the thread through is very grounding and satisfying for me. Here are a handful my creations! (Feel free to click on each image to see more detail.)

These are primarily fabric and could be considered quilts as they are stitched through three layers.

These are what I call “stitched collages”, made of more varied materials—often ones that would have otherwise gone into the trash. One of the hazards of being an artist who upcycles is that my family now has as much trouble throwing things out as I do and will bring me all manner of castoffs to use in my art!

These are mixed-media collages—still some stitching, but primarily paper and lots of fun color media.

These are art journal pages—where I try things out and anything goes!

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