to a sacred space . . .

to be heard, to listen to your inner wisdom, to uncover your true and beautiful nature.

The saying goes: pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. But the question is, how do we make it so?

Mindfulness—making space for what’s here, and Coaching—exploring new perspectives on sticky life problems, are two powerful options.

With these tools, combined with heavy doses of tenderness, levity, and curiosity, my work is to alleviate suffering and deepen joy in myself and others.

What I Do

I coach people who are struggling in some area of their lives—who may be having difficulty identifying and implementing helpful changes. Given my longtime experience with life-altering illness, I am particularly suited to working with people who have struggled to be well in body and yearn to move toward a more joyful, fulfilled life. 

Drawing on wisdom traditions from throughout the world, I share stories, poetry, personal anecdotes, and psychological research to teach the why and what of mindfulness. I lead varied meditation and inquiry practices to teach the how.

“We offer our blessings and confidence in support of the MMTCP graduates of our worldwide teacher training. We honor the quality of what they have to offer, and the healing and awakening that these teachings and practices bring to our world.”

–With Metta, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach

I create mixed-media and textile art to experiment, ground myself, and play! Through several years of practice, I have discovered the many ways in which my art-making both encourages and mirrors mindfulness training.

From the blog:

My word for the year

For a few years now, like many creatives, I have chosen a word for the year—a touchstone that helps me remember how I want to be and where I want to place my attention. In past years, I have picked words like “joy” and “open”. At the start of 2020, when I was recovering from… Continue reading My word for the year

Welcome, Fear

Fear means that things are getting juicy.  It means that you are challenging the boundaries of what you thought was possible.  Fear can be a friend, a harbinger of good things to come.  Last night the fear rolled through my body and I welcomed it to tea.  I know I don’t need to be afraid of… Continue reading Welcome, Fear